Top 20 best kneeboards

The best kneeboards reviewed & rated in February 2020

Image of HO Sports Electron Kneeboard

HO Sports Electron Kneeboard

In: Best Kneeboards - February 2020

The HO Sports Electron Kneeboard is a perfect learning tool for the knee boarder who is ready to take it to the next level. The Diamond Shaped Tip and Tail allows for incredible maneuverability and easy attempts of your first tricks. The Powerlock Locking Knee Strap has a single locking mechanism that keeps you strapped in comfortable to the large, orthotic pad. Diamond Tip and Tail, Molded-In Fins, Large Knee Pad, Powerlock Single Locking Strap, Integrated Hook: No, Kneestrap: Powerlock Single Strap, Hull Type: Roto Molded, Skill Range:...

Image of HO Sports Proton Kneeboard

HO Sports Proton Kneeboard

In: Best Kneeboards - February 2020

New this season is the Proton from HO Sports. This low profile board makes a great option for the newer rider, all the way up to experienced trickster. A Handle Hook makes for easy starts in deep water. The Powerlock Single Locking Knee Strap keeps you securely connected as you learn to bounce over the wake or send it deep. A Retractable Fin System makes for easy storage. HO's Deep Tracking Channels allow water to speed through the base and landings easy to stick. Easy Up Handle Hook, Surf Inspired Shape, Retractable Fin System, Deep Tracking...

Image of Hydroslide Phantom Blem Kneeboard

Hydroslide Phantom Blem Kneeboard

In: Best Kneeboards - February 2020

The Hydroslide Phantom Kneeboard is a parabolic twin-tip shaped kneeboard with a thin-profile that makes for an awesome ride, no matter your skill level. Its deep knee wells and padded strap keeps your legs secure and you in control. A patented Hydrohook allows the beginning rider to get up easier, while also giving more experienced riders a new way to ride. Length: 52.25in, Width: 21in., Parabolic Twin-Tip Design, Ultra-Thin Profile, Deep Knee Wells, 3in. Padded Strap, Hydrohook, Integrated Hook: Yes, Kneestrap: 3in Padded Strap, Hull Type:...

Image of Hydroslide Pro XLT Blem Kneeboard

Hydroslide Pro XLT Blem Kneeboard

In: Best Kneeboards - February 2020

The Pro XLT Kneeboard from Hydroslide is a fun and easy board to ride. It has a thin profile and parabolic twin tip design, as well as dual retractable fins. The contoured kneepad and shock strap brings additional comfort and board control. A Hydrohook allows beginners to get up quickly and easily, while also giving experts a new way to ride. It's also retractable when not in use. Length: 51.75in., Width: 21in., Retractable Hydro-Hook, Thin Profile, Parabolic Twin Tip Design, Dual Retractable Fins, Hydrohook, Integrated Hook: Yes, Kneestrap:...

Image of O'Brien Black Magic Kneeboard

O'Brien Black Magic Kneeboard

In: Best Kneeboards - February 2020

The O'Brien Black Magic Kneeboard is the ideal kneeboard to have when you want one for the whole family. The way it's designed can be used to teach the young ones and the newbies how to ride on the board. You'll have a cable-actuated retractable fin system as well as an aquatic hook which are great training tools. The smooth bottom contour provides stability and a PE roto-molded construction allows you to really play hard and know this kneeboard will stand up to the test. The three-inch padded strap on the O'Brien Black Magic Kneeboard will keep...

Image of O'Brien Radica Kneeboard 2020

O'Brien Radica Kneeboard 2020

In: Best Kneeboards - February 2020

The O'Brien Radica Kneeboard have combined the thrills of both waterskiing and wakeboarding and created this kneeboard to give you the ultimate performance. Quad, Cupped Molded Fins are placed on the Radica for easy edging and carving while also ensuring that you can pull off some gnarly spin tricks. The Variable Edge Bevels, which were water-ski-inspired, puts this kneeboard's a little lower to maximize stability and quick edge-to-edge transitions when you're carving. Of course to keep you comfortable the Radica has a padded, adjustable knee...

Image of O'Brien Ricochet Kneeboard

O'Brien Ricochet Kneeboard

In: Best Kneeboards - February 2020

The O'Brien Ricochet Kneeboard was designed to harness pro-level performance at a price that is just right for those not wanting to empty their wallets. The Twin Tip Design and Soft V-Hull offers plenty of performance and riding ease. The deck is compression molded and, when combined with the comfort molded flex pad, you'll have softer landings. The three inch pad gives you a secure fit so you can have the confidence to perform your tricks on this O'Brien Ricochet Kneeboard. V-Hull Design, Twin Tip, Integrated Hook: Yes, Kneestrap: Adjustable...

Image of O'Brien Rush 5150 Kneeboard 2020

O'Brien Rush 5150 Kneeboard 2020

In: Best Kneeboards - February 2020

The O'Brien Rush 5150 Kneeboard has been a true force in the water sports world since its introduction. It still holds true as a kneeboard worth having when you want performance in your ride. Outfitted with an Aggressive Rocker Line and Hand Turned Bevels, you can expect smooth edge-to-edge transitions as well as an awesome pop off the wake. The deep knee wells have a Dual Density EVA Construction for comfort and support especially when you make a hard landing off the wake as well as giving you plenty of control on your ride. A 2:1 Ratio Fully Padded...

Image of O'Brien Voodoo Kneeboard 2020

O'Brien Voodoo Kneeboard 2020

In: Best Kneeboards - February 2020

The O'Brien Voodoo Kneeboard is a true performance board designed to have you riding at your best. The Voodoo features performance edges and a low profile design which makes this a hard-charging board that's also very forgiving. Quad Molded Fins will make tracking easier and the curved underside will give you those sweet and smooth edge transitions. On the top of the board is a 3/4 inch pad to ensure your knees are comfortable and the three-inch padded strap keeps you locked in securely. If you have any new riders itching to learn how to ride...

Image of Radar Skis Denunzio Kneeboard 2020

Radar Skis Denunzio Kneeboard 2020

In: Best Kneeboards - February 2020

Take knee boarding to the next level with Radar Denunzio kneeboard. One of the most highly maneuverable boards on the market, the Denunzio is a great option for any knee boarder who's looking to improve on the water. Carbon Laminates keep the board lightweight so there's no issue popping of a wake and catching some serious air. The EVA pad will help keep your knees comfortable while ripping all day on the water. Your knees will be secure and have no problem slipping thanks to the Dual Locking Strap. Improve your skills and have fun doing it...

Image of Radar Skis Hawk Kneeboard 2020

Radar Skis Hawk Kneeboard 2020

In: Best Kneeboards - February 2020

The Hawk from Radar Skis is a fun and playful ride for any knee boarder. A Retractable Fin gives you the ability to increase the amount of playfulness or carving ability the board has. The pointed tip and swallow tail increases the amount of maneuverability you have. A Dual Density Knee Pad keeps you secure and comfortable when you are launching the wake or turning into the spray. Aero Core, Carbon Laminates, EVA Pad, Kneestrap: Dual Locking Strap, Hull Type: Compression Molded, Skill Range: Beginner - Advanced Intermediate, Model Year: 2020,...