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Image of Keebler Sugar Cones, 12 sugar cones [4 oz (113 g)]

Keebler Sugar Cones, 12 sugar cones [4 oz (113 g)]

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.Bring the ice cream parlor to your home kitchen with the help of the Keebler Elves and the delicious flavor of KeeblerSugar Cones. These delightfully toasty cones are pressed with a classic ice cream cone pattern, carefully shaped into perfect, ice cream-ready cones, then baked to a crispy golden-brown for a welcome crunch with every bite. Keebler Sugar Cones are ideal for your preferred ice cream, and are great for ice cream parties and socials, after dinner desserts, or an Elfin-inspired sweet treat no matter the season. Beyond ice cream, Keebler...