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The best chimney cleaners reviewed & rated in February 2020

Image of Chimney Creosote Single Sweeping Log, Grey-SL 824

Chimney Creosote Single Sweeping Log, Grey-SL 824

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For woodstoves, fireplaces & inserts. Helps prevent chimney fires. 1. Reduces and treats dangerous creosote in your chimney. 2. Reduces new creosote build-up, making your next fire safer. Treats and reduces creosote build-up in your chimney. Easy to use. Burns like a firelog. Dual action formula. Why use CSL? Creosote = higher danger. Reduced draft. Lower efficiency. Poor combustion. More wood needed. More pollution and higher costs. Heavy creosote build-up reduces the draft of the flue, which means you need to burn more wood to get the same heat...