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Amia Work Stool by Steelcase. Enhance your home office environment from day one with the modern look of the intuitively ergonomic Steelcase Amia Work Stool. The strong clear lines and minimalist styling are a result of its ergonomic engineering being hidden from view, like the LiveLumbar technology discreetly designed into the back that can be moved up and down for extra support where you need it most. The Amia Work Stool also has 4-way adjustable armrests so you always have the appropriate and supportive arm support when working, no matter what position you're in. Everything is adjustable instinctively from a seated position.

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Amia Office Chair

In: Best Office Chairs - February 2020

Amia Chair by Steelcase. The Steelcase Amia Chair was engineered to offer support and relief from the stress of sitting for eight or more hours a day. This seat's simplistic design creates a unified appearance, while its ergonomic features add a subtle layer of depth to its capabilities. A few of these features include: LiveLumbar System Highly adjustable arms Adjustable back tension Seat slider The Steelcase Amia Chair boasts a refined design with subtly engineered features. From a home office to a professional conference room, you can use the...

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Think Office Stool

In: Best Office Chairs - February 2020

Think Stool by Steelcase. Most people working in modern offices sit for a living. As such, the chair you choose is extremely important. Sitting for long periods of time can take a toll on your health, especially if it's in the wrong seat. You need a chair that moves with your body, allowing for optimal comfort throughout the entire workday. That's where Steelcase's Think Stool comes in. It has several features, including: Integrated LiveBack System that conforms to your body. Weight-activated seat. Adjustable arms for arm, wrist, and shoulder support....

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Buoy Office Stool

In: Best Office Chairs - February 2020

Buoy Stool by Steelcase. One reality of the modern workplace is that people are always on the move. Sometimes you just need to pop in for a quick conversation. Send out an email before the next meeting. Get your team together for a huddle —and then you’re off. The buoy was designed to interact and accommodate “active sitting.” Armless, backless and boundless- the buoy encourages movement with a curved base that allows for up to a 12° tilt. A cleverly placed lever lets users adjust the seat for any user.Keeping the body in motion, buoy is...