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Amia Chair by Steelcase. The Steelcase Amia Chair was engineered to offer support and relief from the stress of sitting for eight or more hours a day. This seat's simplistic design creates a unified appearance, while its ergonomic features add a subtle layer of depth to its capabilities. A few of these features include: LiveLumbar System Highly adjustable arms Adjustable back tension Seat slider The Steelcase Amia Chair boasts a refined design with subtly engineered features. From a home office to a professional conference room, you can use the Amia Chair in any environment. An Official Steelcase Retailer Office Designs is an official retailer for Steelcase products. We sell Amia Chairs, which come with Steelcase's 12-year warranty. Confidently purchase your office furniture from us knowing you'll receive high-quality products. Steelcase's 12-Year Warranty Steelcase creates quality office equipment that's free of defects. However, should you experience any issues with the products you order, Steelcase has a 12-year warranty. This warranty covers pneumatic cylinders, foam, arm caps and more. For a full description of Steelcase's commitment, read the Steelcase Warranty for Global Products (PDF). Steelcase Amia Chair Features The Steelcase Amia Chair's minimalistic look supports hidden features that make your sitting experience relaxing and comfortable all day long. You can find this chair in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, so choose the style that best matches your space. LiveLumbar System The Steelcase Amia Chair is known for its LiveLumbar system. This technology is in place to support the lower back and correct posture. It does this by conforming to the shape of the body and adapting as the sitter moves throughout the day. The LiveLumbar feature has been discreetly incorporated into the design of the seat for a fully integrated appearance. You can adjust the support using two subtle handles on the backrest that allow you to move the piece into the right position. With the Amia Chair's LiveLumbar system, your back will get the support it needs throughout the day. Adjustable seat depth All bodies are different, and the Amia Chair takes that into consideration by allowing users to adjust the seat depth. Sitters can slide the seat forward or back for an optimal position - this ensures people receive the right support and proper weight distribution while seated. Flexible seat edge The flexible seat edge feature of the Amia Chair prevents too much pressure from being applied to your legs. Instead, the seat gently compresses so you still receive plenty of support but your legs remain comfortable. Adjustable back tension The Amia Chair allows users to recline in their seats. However, the adjustable back tension determines how much pressure people will have to exert to reach that reclined position. Highly adjustable arms The Amia Chair's arms experience a wide range of motion and can be moved in and out or forward and back. They can also slide up and down and pivot until they are in an ideal location for the sitter. This highly adjustable feature is available so that the chair is comfortable for all body types. About the Designer Steelcase and Thomas Overthun of IDEO The Steelcase Amia Chair was designed by Steelcase in collaboration with Thomas Overthun of IDEO, an industrial designer. The team wanted a sophisticated design that was also simplistic. Overthun and Steelcase actually used a VW Bug as inspiration for their Amia Chair because while a VW Bug has a lot of character, it also has a modest appearance. With this model in mind, the team created a seat that's unassuming but still offers users adjustable features that ensure proper support. About Steelcase Steelcase was founded over 100 years ago and received its first patent in 1914 for the process used to create the first low-cost fireproof wastebasket. Since that first patent, the company has been striving to provide people with other great office equipment. Steelcase has always been committed to its people, which is why it works so hard to produce high-quality furniture that encourages body health and support. Video: How to Adjust Your Amia

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